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Branding is all about building a reputation so come to our environmental protection products manufacturer and have your own custom brand created! We’re here for you with wholesale plastic cutting boards, let’s start marketing them in style.

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We know the importance of recycling and protecting our environment. That’s why we produce environmentally friendly products that can be recycled, which has a positive impact on both your life as well as Earth’s natural resources by eliminating waste from production processes

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Customized, stylish eco-friendly products are our specialty! We also specialize in kitchenware–whether it’s cutlery or cutting boards; if a wholesale business of personalized plastic cutting board sounds good to you then we’re here.

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These colorful, affordable plastic cutting board mats are perfect for making your kitchen look more presentable. That’s incredibly affordable plastic cutting board mat set three-pack., The BPA-free material and odor resistant design will keep food fresh on the table while you prepare it with ease! These boards won’t last forever like a wood one but they sure do cost less.

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The Reusable Plastic Cutting Board Set of 4 is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. With four different colors, you can avoid mixing flavors together by using this board as a placemat or in place of your typical wooden ones! It's also lightweight which makes it easy to carry around with yourself when traveling - not just at home anymore; plus durable so that one day soon (maybe tomorrow!) I'll still have my sanity after all these years without any worries about what might happen if something were put away wrong...

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The best plastic cutting board is with us, when want to cut any food! The traditional bamboo boards may not be able do everything that we need them too but our plastic cutting board can meet all of your requirements. It's easy for you clean as well because it does NOT get moldy or dirty easily like some other types would if put in the dishwasher every time before being used again - which also keeps things light weight since there isn't extra load on top after adding these items onto an already heavy set (from wood). So go ahead: pick out whichever design fits what kind cuisine best suits yourself right now

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The handle of this plastic cutting board is designed to be easy and convenient for you; the pattern on its surface can also easily change based upon your needs, making it an even more versatile option than bamboo. Not only does this material make clean up after meat or food considerably easier (since there won't be any bacteria residue), but because metal utensils never slide across these types of surfaces while using them - something that always terrified me about trying out new cutlery before now!

As a sustainable company, we know that the environment is important to you and your customers. These biodegradable drinking devices ensure nothing goes to waste while protecting Mother Earth at every step – plus they’re great if you want an easy way start businesses.

Explore Other Types Of Eco products

PLA products

If you are looking for environmentally friendly products, then Biodegradable PLA Products might be a good choice. Because they have the ability to break down in nature and won't last as long than other materials such as bamboo powder or polystyrene cups/plates which all come from natural resources


If you are looking for an eco-friendly, biodegradable bamboo fiber cup then this may be the perfect choice. Not only does its stylish and unique design attract customers but also means they can use these reusable cups over again without wasting any of their produce!

Aveco dark wood dinnerware set with inside decal printed bowl

Make your next outdoor dinnerware set more enjoyable with these handy and durable! They're perfect for camping or backyard barbecues. The best part is they won't break when dropped on the ground--so there's no need to worry aboutbreaking plates or cup.

Aveco bowls set amazon with transparent lid save space

The bamboo fiber bowl is a light, stylish and practical choice perfect for any meal. From small to large sizes there are different uses depending on your preference; larger models can be used as salad bowls while smaller ones will do just right in soaking cereal or other food items!

Log plate

The bamboo fiber plate is a durable, light weight and not fragile safety. Children can easily manipulate him; easy to clean as well! Of course you could also put plate with dishwasher,this perfect and eco-friendly option for home.

750ML bamboo lunch box with a special groove inside

The bamboo fiber bento box an environmentally friendly feel while also keeping it cool on hot days.that there is one to fit any need or preference! Bamboo fiber bento boxs are not only eco-friendly but come with many options for customization so you can find your perfect match here

How To Custom Plastic Cutting Board

We can offer you solutions that will meet your branding needs, whatever they may be.

The cutting board is a great way to promote your company’s image and make it more environmentally-friendly. The plastic boards come in different shapes, sizes as well as colors that can be customized according the need; they also have handles or no decoration at all for an sleek look! Not only do these products work perfectly on their own but if you want them paired up with other pieces from our outdoor set then there's no problem--we'll take care of designing everything just right so allyou need worry about nowis taking advantageof these fantastic offers

The Basic Knowledge About Bamboo Fiber Products

avecogroup is the perfect solution for all your environmental needs. We offer a full range of products and services, so if you want to understand more about our company or any specific product feel free ask us!

FAQ to bamboo travel mug from Aveco

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to bamboo travel mug How many different shapes can I choose from a bamboo travel mug? What’s accessories I can choose from A Eco-bamboo fiber cup manufacturer? 1. How many different

Aveco: Your Best bamboo coffee cup Manufacturer in China

We have High-quality bamboo coffee cup with a massive choice to Boom Your Business An alternative from the traditional plastic cup or paper cup, our bamboo coffee cup are more eco-friendly and recyclable, approved of with

Certificate about bamboo fiber products

We have strict quality assurance processes that ensure our products meet the highest international standards. Our company is committed to providing you with eco-friendly, safe materials for your next project!

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why choose us

We make it our business to protect the environment, so you can rest easy knowing your products will be protected too. We offer eco-friendly packaging that looks good and lasts long enough for any occasion!

  • With our one-stop service, we make sure to save you time and money.
  • Direct factory trading is a simpler, more cost effective way to buy your products! You get quality items at low prices without any unnecessary middlemen taking their cut.
  • With our ability to fulfill customer needs, we are able take on any project with confidence and precision.
  • With our team of creative designers and manufacturers, we can offer customers a variety or customized products to suit their individual needs!
  • The customer can contact someone at all times of day and night if they need help with anything! This means that 24h round-the hour, there is always an online employee ready to assist.

The FAQs About bamboo fiber products

Customers might have many questions about our custom environmental products. We’ve picked out a few to answer for you!

Yes,for stocked items,there is no MOQ,for customized order,MOQ is 1000pcs for single item and 500pcs for mixed items.

A:Yes,we have FDA for American and Canadian market,LFGB for Germany and most European market,and DGCCRF for french market issued by SGS or TUV,we have BSCI.

A:Normaly it takes 35 days,during CNY holiday ,it depends.If you have special requirement on delivery,we can discuss.

A: For small amount,You can use western union or paypal,which has a 5% extra paypal charge, but for bulk order, Normaly we only accept the 30% T/T of the payment and the rest before shipment.For some countries, we can also accept LC.

A:Come visit our factory! We are happy to help you see how your products are made. Unfortunately, due the recent epidemic issues; now only online video inspections through Zoom or other software can be done by visitors.”

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