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Tailored RPET Fabric Kitchenware Solutions: Sustainable, Customizable, and Eco-conscious Crafting

Pattern Showcase: RPET Fabric Inspirations

Recycled rPET Aprons

Aveco’s RPET aprons, sized at 69x80cm. These aprons are your canvas for creativity, with a variety of customizable colors to choose from. Crafted from recycled PET bottles, they embody our commitment to sustainability.Choose Aveco for a sustainable apron solution that reflects your unique style


Customize rPET Tablecloths

Wholesale Partners: Explore Aveco’s RPET tablecloths, generously sized at 152.4x200cm. Our tablecloths are fully customizable to meet your bulk order needs, available in both square and round designs, with a wide array of color options to match your customers’ preferences.


Recycled rPET Tea Towel

Discover Aveco’s RPET tea towels, measuring 16x26cm. These tea towels are perfect for customization, allowing you to create exclusive designs and color schemes for your bulk orders. Elevate your offering with Aveco’s sustainable tea towels today

Reusable Kitchen rPET Placemats

At Aveco, we cater to Wholesale Partners like you. Presenting our RPET placemats, sized at 46×30.5cm. These placemats are a canvas for your creativity, fully customizable with exclusive patterns, colors, and even various shapes to match your unique vision. 

rPET Fabric Kitchen Goods

Explore our range of customizable rPET fabric kitchen goods, including heat-resistant pot holders and oven mitts. Our heat-resistant pot holders are conveniently sized at 18cm, while our oven mitts measure 15x29cm. These kitchen essentials can be tailored to your specifications, allowing you to offer unique and personalized products to your customers.

rPET Throw Pillows & Folding Bags

Our rPET Throw Pillows and Folding Bags are the perfect embodiment of that philosophy. Crafted from recycled plastic bottles, our throw pillows offer a sustainable and chic way to enhance your home decor. Meanwhile, our folding bags provide on-the-go convenience while reducing plastic waste.

Innovative RPET Fabric Product Advantages


Aveco rPET fabric products, meticulously crafted from recycled materials, epitomize our unwavering commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. With a focus on eco-friendliness, our products offer both elegance and a step towards environmentally conscious living.


Aveco rPET fabric products are created using recycled plastics, which are sourced from discarded plastic bottles. These rPET fabric products are not only eco-friendly but also recyclable, allowing them to be transformed into new products, contributing to a sustainable and circular economy.

Easy to Clean

Aveco rPET fabric products, made from recycled materials. They combine eco-consciousness with practicality, as they are not only elegant but also exceptionally easy to clean. With these products, you can enjoy the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle without the hassle of complicated maintenance.

Versatile Style Selection

Experience the artistry of Aveco diverse RPET fabric product styles. From kitchen essentials to exquisite home furnishings, our offerings promise a world of possibilities for your unique needs. With Aveco, you gain not just style but also sustainability.

Personalize Your Eco-friendly rPET Fabric Product Offerings with Aveco

Customize Your Brand with RPET Fabric Color Choices

As leading manufacturers of RPET fabric products, we offer a wide range of customizable designs and colors to suit your unique needs. Elevate your brand with personalized options that showcase your style and values. Your vision, our expertise.

Tailored RPET Fabric Solutions for Your Business

 Elevate your brand with our custom RPET fabric products, including kitchen essentials like placemats, oven gloves, and pot holders, as well as cozy home items like pillows and bed sheets. Your unique style, our expert craftsmanship.

Having trouble locating the perfect rPET fabric product model for your brand business?

Aveco offers customized rPET fabric products for all our customers and provides complimentary 3D sketches for molding projects. This enables you to fully envision and tailor your rPET fabric product designs to seamlessly match your brand, all before production commences.

Customize New Mould Procedure

If you’re looking to customize your rPET fabric products and other related items, the following provides insights into our approach to managing such customization order processes.

Why Opt for Aveco as Your Preferred Manufacturer of rPET Fabric Products?

Aveco has been working in eco friendly products industry over 10 years, and we strives to design ,produce and export innovative consumer products over the world.

  • Explore a diverse range of RPET fabric products.
  • Customize with colors, logos, and unique designs.
  • Low MOQ and swift delivery to kickstart your project.
  • Create eco-friendly branded packaging.
  • Enjoy complimentary high-res advertising photos.
  • Quality assurance through thorough inspection.
  • Convenient doorstep delivery and FBA service.
  • Count on our strict after-sale support for peace of mind.
  • Aveco: Your competitive edge in RPET fabric solutions.

Aveco sets themselves apart from most other rpet fabric product supplier in the market, helping you stay competitive and profitable.

Your Leading Manufacturer of rPET Fabric Products in China - Aveco

Aveco is a reliable producer of high-quality rPET fabric products. Our rPET fabric items, holding certifications like EU, LFGB, DGCCRF, FDA, and more, prioritize safety and sustainability. We’re adept at customization to cater to your unique requirements.       

The Shipping Policies

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international express

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The parcel is delivered by air. After customs clearance, the Courier picks it up at your door (usually UPS or FedEx) and sends it to your door.  Or you can pick it up at the airport;  Compared with express delivery, it takes longer and has the lowest

By sea/railway

Generally speaking, shipping by sea/rail is bulky and takes a long time, usually 30-50 days. If you don't mind, we suggest shipping by sea/rail, which can save you more shipping cost. Sea/Rail is the same as express delivery, it can be delivered to your doorstep.

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