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We have High-quality bamboo coffee cup with a massive choice to Boom Your Business

An alternative from the traditional plastic cup or paper cup, our bamboo coffee cup are more eco-friendly and recyclable, approved of with international tests with FDA, LFGB, DGCCRF and related EU certification. Purchasing from Aveco will gain you a leg over your competitors.

We have skilled designer team and new tooling Supported

Our skilled designers are in this area for more than 10 years, and can solve any design problem both on the joining or the printing in the decal area, offering you a wonderful look for the final design.

If you have an idea for making a new creative eco bamboo coffee cup, we will help make the drawings and revise, and make it to real. Cooperating with us earns you a strong tech back up.

Aveco strives themselves to help you build and grow your brand

If you are in the eco cup field, Aveco can help you build your own brand, we offer very low MOQ for a coffee mug custom service. We can help build a unique collection of cup for coffee With our sound quality and updated model each year, we will help you gain more loyal customers and thus skyrocket your business.

aveco water cup

Aveco bamboo coffee cup is made of natural organic bamboo fiber, corn starch and mixture of melamine, our technique also strive themselves to work out the product without melamine, but according to current technique, it is still not possible, while what we use is the food grade A5 melamine, they are safe.


Aveco has a full range of capacity for the bamboo coffee cup so it can meet all kinds of customer’s requirement, even if you want to make a personalized coffee cup with new mold, we can help you to realize it. Now we have 250ML, 300ML, 350ML, 400ML,  475ML, 580ML, 600ML and so on.

Aveco also offers different kinds of bamboo coffee cup with different accessories, for example, we have bamboo reusable cup with bamboo lid, inner screw lid or external screw lid, we have silicone lid with silicone sleeve, silicone stopper or just a sippy cup with bamboo straw, all designed to be more friendly to the earth. You can customize with your own design and make a new collection with our wonderful organic coffee cup.

Aveco,as a professional bamboo coffee cup manufacturer in China, has become a preferable supplier for more than 1,000 clients all around the world. aveco insists on providing each customers with a customized brand and special solution. Quality is our culture, and service is our advantage.

Our coffee cup bamboo products will help you brand and grow, and boom in the market, send your inquiries now!

  1. What is bamboo coffee cup,is it 100% bamboo?
  2. Is bamboo coffee cup safe?
  3. Is the bamboo coffee cup microwave safe and dishwasher safe?
  4. Why choose bamboo fiber coffee cup ?
  5. Is the bamboo reusable coffee cup fragile, easy to break?
  6. What is decal paper printing on bamboo fiber cup?
  7. How to design your own decal paper bamboo coffee cup?
  8. Can I have a pure white color on my decal bamboo coffee cup?
  9. Can I make a solid color bamboo fiber coffee cup without decal design?
  10. Can I make a solid color(except natural beige) bamboo fiber coffee cup with decal design?
  11. Can we make gold or silver color on decal paper?
  12. How is the production process of the bamboo reusable coffee cup
  13. How much is one cup in grams?
  14. How to choose best ways to import coffee cup from China?
  15. How to calculate the shipping cost ,by weight or by volume?


1. What is bamboo coffee cup,is it 100% bamboo?

Aveco Bamboo coffee cup is made of 40% bamboo fiber,30%corn starch and 30% melamine, and they mixed up together and shaped with high temperature compressing machine, the material go with most rapid growing natural bamboo, and grid into the bamboo fiber, and also making the use of the fast corn starch. While to make it shape well and with colorful printing design, melamine is still a must to be blended in,technique are trying hard to seek a new way to reduce the percentage of melamine or even without melamine, but still has a long way to go, according to the research,currently still no technique can ensure that there is no melamine, because without it,it cannot be shaped in the mold, thus, it is not 100% compostable.

Moreover, the degradation method for bamboo fibre cup is still the industrial,degradation, but not the biodegradation, which means it cannot be degraded when you buried in the soil for many years, but have to be collected all together and sent to a special machine for industrial degradation.

aveco coffee cup in PDQ

Many customers are misguided by sales, propagating to be biodegradable. Which is a bad selling trick.

While overall, bamboo coffee cup is still a good alternative to the plastic cups or paper cups, which can definitely reduce some wastes and help to save resources in our planet. Moreover, it’s easier to change the design and with low MOQ.

But If you are seeking the 100% eco cup, reusable PLA will be a nice option. Good news is now we have developed a new PLA collection, the PLA bamboo coffee cup, which is 100% biodegradable, but they can be only solid color with a simple printing.

Contact us if you want to know more about this.

2. Is bamboo coffee cup safe?

The bamboo reusable coffee cup is quite popular these years as people pay more attention to our planet, customers do gain more market share in this eco drinkware field, while recently, some articles wrote that there is formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen, leaking out from the cup, which is not good for health. This should be no issue as we have 100% melamine tableware for quite a long time, so for bamboo fiber products, will it really leak out and is it really dangerous?


Below are some points which may help you to know better:

Firstly, the material itself. Actually there is big difference between food grade with melamine.

In common, melamine is graded as A1,A3,A5 ,this is called by Chinese Factory, but there is no such grade called internationally, this is only for recognition.

The composition of A1 Melamine: 30% melamine resin+ starches + Additives

Feature: this is a small part of melamine, highly toxic, it is not resistant to high temperature, stolen, corrosion, rough appearance, easy to deform, discolor, and poor gloss.

A3: the composition of A3 Melamine: 70% melamine resin+ starches+ Additives

Feature: the appearance is very close to A5, but when it is applicate, it’s easy to change color, fade, easy to deform at high temperature, and not resistant to corrosion

A5:100% Melamine resin

Features: non-toxic and odorless, temperature resistance -30 she -120, bump resistance, corrosion resistance, lightweight, safe to use.

There is a big price gap between A5 and A1, A3.

A1 is far more cheaper, but when it is made in shape, it’s not so obviously to see the difference. Some factory use A1 instead of A5 to produce the bamboo fiber cup thus reducing their costs and gain more profit, thus many Disqualified bamboo fiber cups are shipped to over sea countries, which infringes the rights and interests of consumers. It’s not the correct way of business, but it does happen and disturb the market.

The second is the way we produce.as we know the bamboo coffee cup is made by high temperature compressing, each machine the technique leading will adjust it into a proper temperature and speed, and then workers produce them. The bad things will disappear. And

And moreover ,Aveco support making food grade test by picking goods randomly from the production. Thus ,we are serious on the safety.

3. Is the bamboo coffee cup microwave safe and dishwasher safe?

The temperature tolerance is  -20 ℃—120 ℃,so it is not safe to use in microwave,

But it is safe to go into top rack dishwasher, we have test report for the dishwasher safe, it will not break, but if you wash too often, the color can still fade.

As bamboo fiber and corn starch are all natural, we still suggest wash by hand is best and can have a longer life.

4. Why choose bamboo fiber coffee cup ?


Bamboo is one of the easily renewable resources and eco-friendly at the same time, and it is gridded into the fine powder, becoming the bamboo fiber, a new material and degradable. This is mainly applicate in textile before, but now it is also applicate in tableware.

Though there is still melamine blinding inside the cup, it is still a more ecofriendly coffee cup compared to the full plastic cups, and also it can reduce the disposable wastes every year on earth.


To consumers, everyone likes to have unique, fashion coffee cups, that’s why many young people like to go to Starbucks and buy the Starbucks cup there, the cup design is very fashionable, and now Starbucks also have new collection for bamboo coffee cup as well. They advocate customers to take their own reusable coffee cups when in Starbucks.

Without bamboo coffee cup,as we use decal printing technology, you can have your personalized coffee cup easily and with low costs. Moreover, we have updated new mold every year to keep you competitive.

It is quite fashionable and convenient with the bamboo takeaway cup everywhere when you are in office or travel.


The raw material bamboo is cheap but growing very fast and renewable, and The demand for the material is high, while the general prices are low. Thus the price for the bamboo coffee cup is more cheap than the stainless steel cup.

d.Low MOQ

The MOQ is low if you want to start your own business or even a café shop, with an MOQ of 1000pcs, you can have your own design, and you can even renew new designs for a new collection each year. Making your products to be fresh.

Comparison with other coffee cup in the market:

  1. Plastic cup


2.Paper cup


3. Ceramic cup

ceramic cup with aveco bamboo fiber cup

4.Bamboo cup


5. Is the bamboo reusable coffee cup fragile, easy to break?

Compared with ceramic coffee cup, they are not so fragile.

Compared with plastic, It’s slightly more fragile.

Fragile degree: ceramic cup < bamboo cup < plastic cup

If Adults use bamboo fiber cup and dropped by accident, normally it won’t break

If it fell off the ground, it will not be so easy to break. But if children throw it hard, it will definitely break.

6. What is decal paper printing on bamboo fiber cup?

This is a very thin paper, it is 4 color filming together so it can come out with a very thin decal paper, as it is mainly filmed with 4 color printing, the color cannot be 100% accurate with the original design. it is recognized by machine, with color more than 4,we cannot do pantone color with decal printing, but if only 1 or 2 color ,pantone color can work.

And colored with your design, after we print out, we need to cut and join and then decal, decal means the paper will be melted with the cup itself, not heat transfer, not screen printing, so it’s not easy to fade and the paper is melted inside the cup.

Real decal paper as an example


Decal paper is coming out from machine

7. How to design your own decal paper bamboo coffee cup?

1.To make a decal design, first you need to put your own artwork in our dyeline/template. Remember the artwork must be put inside the dyeline

So that your design will not be cut.

Here is the template for a 350ml

aveco 350ml bamboo reusable cup dyelineBamboo reusable cup dyeline

Joining part as below arrow shows:


If we put on our design in the dyeline as below:

aveco design 350ml bamboo reusable cup dyeline 3

The product coming out as below shows:

aveco mockup for 350ml bamboo reusable cup

Here you can see there is a joining line here, it is visible, because the background of the artwork is green color, which means it is not transparent. when workers glue to join the decal paper cup, the joining part is there, cannot be avoid, as the background has colors there, all colors like pink, yellow, green, red, brown etc. will have the visible joining line.

2.If you really don’t want the obvious joining line, there is another way when you are designing your artwork, make the background to be transparent. Here is an example to help you understand better.

Please check below dyeline, it is also full decal printing, but the background is transparent, so it means the background will just be the bamboo fiber beige.

and see how it looks.

aveco mockup for 350ml bamboo reusable cup 2

and another cup to help you know more clearly about how the joining line can be visible or not ,it just happens in one drinking cup


You can see the upper part is transparent background, and the joining line is hidden, and the lower part is blue background, and we can see the line there obviously.

8. Can I have a pure white color on my decal bamboo coffee cup?

The answer is no, the reason is as below:

1.as the decal paper is very thin, and it is just melt with the cup itself during production. The white color doesn’t work well on the decal paper, even when your original design is white color, the product will come out to be transparent with the bamboo fiber beige color, so that means white color on decal paper equals transparent color.

Below is the example to help you better understand:

Here is the original artwork, the background is designed to be transparent ,which means bamboo fiber color, but the petals of flowers is designed to be pure white, check below picture the design.


while in actual production, this is not workable, the petal color will be same color with the bamboo fiber beige color .it will turn out to be like this as below shows:


If you really don’t like the beige color and want to make the background more white, we can add Titanium dioxide to make the mixture of raw material white, so Here is the difference between the natural mixture of bamboo fiber beige color cup and the one with more TiO2


So please take this into consideration before making your decal design on cups, this is same applicate in bowls, containers, storage boxes.

For all decal bamboo fibre cup, the outside is your decal design, inside is natural bamboo beige color. Please check below picture:


9. Can I make a solid color bamboo fiber coffee cup without decal design?

Yes,of course, we can customize these bamboo to go cup

Yes, it is ok, pantone color can work well on solid color, and both inside and outside the cup are the same color.

10. Can I make a solid color(except natural beige) bamboo fiber coffee cup with decal design?

It is ok, but the decal paper is thicker than normal, and it is not so beautiful as it goes with the common thin decal. The joining part is much more obvious, and there will be white paper fiber coming out and it looks ugly, we don’t recommend this.check details below :

11. Can we make gold or silver color on decal paper?

According to current technology, some special color such as gold or silver cannot work well on decal, it will turn out to be yellow or brown color in real products.

12. How is the production process of the bamboo reusable coffee cup?

The production is mainly into 3 parts

  • printing the decal paper
  • baking,cutting,and gluing the joining part
  • production of cup.

Below picture shows the overview process of how the cup is made.

First the printing process,

If your pattern just contains 2 or 3 color, we can print the decal paper with pantone color code. But when the decal paper is put into the bamboo coffee cup during production, the color will be a bit darker than the pantone code, because the cup bamboo fiber itself has color beige or a bit yellow. The decal color and the raw material color mixed together so it become darker than the pantone color. So that means it is hard to make exactly the pantone color on bamboo fibre cups.

If your pattern contains more than 4 colors, then pantone code is not workable in printing here, because the color is recognized by machine, it can only just be similar. for example, there are 6 colors in your design, if you are not satisfied with one color of the sample, say yellow color, and you want to adjust the color to be more bright, then next time, besides the yellow color ,other colors(the other color you are satisfied in first sample) may also change, so this is the weakness of decal printing, customers who are strict on colors are not suitable for these decal dinnerware.

After the decal paper printed out, the next step is putting them into big baking machine, the baking machine imitate natural wind inside,drying the paper for at least 72 hours,making the prints dryer so it will not fade. That is why the sample takes longer time.

How is the production process of the bamboo reusable coffee cup 2

The next step is starching the decal paper to make the color steady on the paper and then dry again in the automatic drying machine.

How is the production process of the bamboo reusable coffee cup 3

Next step is to fix the position and then make them cut.

Then it moves to the gluing joining part,for this part, they are manualy glued by workers.

Below is the video to see how it works.

1)The process of cutting decal paper

2)The process of sticking decal paper

After this,all are prepared. They will go to the production part, below link shows the production of the cup. the tooling goes with the cup,

and the worker then put the glued decal paper on and the machine press,the design then go on the cup,

so that means the full decal paper is just melt with the cup material itseves,

that’s why the color is not easy to go off,it’s not screen printing or heat transfer printing.

The process of making bamboo fiber coffee cup

And then polishing part, the mug will be polished like the video shows, so the upper design of the cup maybe polished, this is common,not the discrepancy.


Then it is inspection and packing and then loading.

But if you want to make a screen printing logo on the bottom of the bamboo cup, it is also ok. Just send us the file and inform us the diameter of the logo ,normally suggest diameter is 2.5CM to 3CM.

Then if you just want to make a solid color , then no decal part, the first step is mixing the color material into the color powder and adjust the color ,other procedure is different.

So you can see there are so many process in making the bamboo coffee cup, ,and the sampling of cup is very complex and takes time,that’s why it takes around 15 days to finish sample,and why the sample cost high.

But the advantage is that ,it can have different patterns and when you just change patterns,they will be come a new look again.

13. How much is one cup in grams?

The weight depends, take a 350ML cup as an example, it is 75gram, and when the size is bigger, the weight will be bigger too.

14. How to choose best ways to import coffee cup from China?

Nowadays, the logistic is developing super-fast, we have more and more options for sending the goods to you. Normally it is divided into 2 shipping way, fast way and slow way.


1)The fast way is to go by air transportation.

The fastest way is to go by express, the handling process is also easier, we mostly work with DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, you can usually receive the parcel around 3 to 7 days, which is very fast but also the most expensive, normally for samples and small parcels, to go by express is the best way.

If you have an authorized legal company with your own shipping agent, just send us the shipping agent info, and give us the destination airport, we will deliver the goods with FOB Ningbo prices. Then your shipping agent will help you to do the custom clearance ,and you will get the goods there.

But if you are just individual who is doing an online business and cannot do custom clearance, we can also do DDP or DDU service, which means we can deliver the goods to your door, with tax include(DDP),or not include(DDU).

In this shipping way, you will feel more easier to import coffee cup from China, to go by air will take around 7 to 15 days to receive the goods.

But the above way by express or by air all costs more, if you plan the order earlier, we can help to arrange ship coffee cup in a slower way which include by sea, by railway or by special shipping line to some specific countries.

For a large number of goods, we propose to have the goods dispatched by sea or by railway.

Usually, it is much cheaper to have the goods sent by sea than other ways, But the transportation time is longer and it will be affected by the weather.

We can also do FOB prices or DDP price or DDU price

  • Transport by sea

Two form: less than Container Load/ Full Container Load

Through containers, it is easier to complete handling and loading operations, so as to better realize “door to door” transportation of goods.

  • Railway transportation

Large amount of transport, fast speed, low cost, and generally not subject to weather conditions, and the price similar with transport by sea

Normally provide DDP price or DDU price

  • Ship by some specific line to specific countries like Singapore, Thailand, and other southeast countries.

The above 3 delivery ways will take around 35 to 50 days to different countries before you receive it.


Europe: Generally by railway or by sea.  DDU or DDP price, so you can just rest assured  and the goods will arrive.

If you sell goods on Amazon,we also provide amazon FBA services, we can send goods to Amazon warehouse.

If you think customs clearance is troublesome, also can choose this way.

Russia: By railway or truck, includes taxes to Moscow or door to door service

Southeast Asian countries: By special line shipping, we can offer the best price

15. How to calculate the shipping cost ,by weight or by volume?

Normally the chargeable weight depends on which one is bigger.

  • For example, we have one box of coffee cup to ship,
  • The carton size is 50X50X36CM, the Gross weight is 5.5kgs, and the shipping cost is 3$/kgs. How to calculate? So first we need to calculate the volume weight, to check which one is bigger.
  • So the volume weight is 50X50X36/6000=15kgs,
  • You can see the volume weight is 15kgs> real weight 5.5kgs,so the chargeable weight is 15kgs, and the unit cost is 3$/kgs *15kgs=45$,so one carton 45$.

The exchange formula for volume weight is as below

  • Volume weight=L * W *H (carton size)/6000  by air or by sea, railway
  • Volume weight=L * W *H (carton size)/5000  By express(DHL,TNT,FEDEX,UPS)

Tips on shipping costs:

Bamboo fiber tableware is generally based on volume weight calculation of freight,such as lunch box and bread box. Because the volume weight is bigger than real weight.

Bamboo cutting board, bamboo plates, they normally calculated by real weight calculation.

Who will buy the bamboo coffee cup?

1.Coffee shop

At present, many coffee shop still use ceramic cup or paper cup, compared with ceramic cup, the bamboo cup is more sturdy and durable, compared with paper cup, bamboo coffee cup is more eco-friendly and reusable.

aveco bamboo fiber coffee cup 1

Every coffee shop has their own unique style, retro or modern or advanced and so on. In order to compline with coffee shop’s style, the shop owner usually need to make customized logo on coffee cup, the bamboo coffee cup is a good option, because we not only can help you design your own pattern, but also provide printing logo. that looks so cool with your own logo or pattern, and it will eventually make customer remember your brand. thus skyrocket your business. Foremost, when consumer buy your coffee (coffee cup with lid), at the same time also a form of propaganda. Also be used as a gift to give back to customers during promotional activities, impress your customers.

aveco bamboo fiber starbucks cup

In order to advocate ‘GREEN LIFE’, Starbucks, as a bellwether, encourage customers to bring your own reusable coffee cup to buy coffee, so that can reduce the waste. Now Starbucks also has their own collection of bamboo cups with their own design, customer can buy the preferable cup in their coffee shop, and if you are also a branded coffee shop owner, you can also design some patterns so customer can buy, at the same time customers can take it away, which will absolutely increase your business.

2.School and Office

As a student, when you go to school, The biggest problem is that the bathrooms, water heaters and dinnerware in the canteen are all public, so we should keep ourselves healthy, this is the same situation for office workers.


In China, there is a proverb, “Disease enters by the mouth”, and we need to drink water all the time, so buy a personal coffee mug is so important, a non-spill travel mug with bamboo lid or silicone lid, better protection from dust and prevent the water from pouring out.

When Christmas or any other major holiday, school or company can custom bamboo cups as gift to students, different design is a unique gift for students and workers, at the same time, also improve the corporate culture, it’s an affirmation for employees.

3.Gym/Fitness Center

In recent years, people pay more attention to their health in the world, more and more people are taking exercise, then the cup can also use as a water bottle, easy to carry.In gym, we will feel free, relax and release!

While during sports,we need a lot of water, many gyms still provide disposable paper cups,or even no cup,only an automatic selling machine,so we just buy the mineral water.if gym provide bamboo water cup to customer with their own logo, we can save some resources, and meanwhile, making consumers have a better experience and a deep impression with the fitness center.

At the same time, for regular VIP customers, you can give free cups for customers so that they don’t have to buy water anymore. What the The gym need to do is only to provide a water fountain. It’s a win-win business!

4.Amusement park

In an amusement park, the drinks and water is always expensive so expensive than those in supermarket. why not set up a water bar then offer free cup, when people paid, then water dispenser turns on automatically, after finishing the water, customers can throw cup on recycle bin, then sterilize and reuse. People may prefer it to a vending machine, also can reduce rubbish and this is really a zero-waste business.

5.Independent individual brand owner

For small brand owners, you may need to establish your own unique brand, so aveco is really a suitable supplier that can meet your requirements.

For small brand owners, the limited costs always make you hard in building your brand. Because MOQ is high, packing is expensive, everything is high. However ,aveco can help you do achieve, we have both stock designed bamboo cups wholesale, we also can customize your logo and design with low MOQ but never compromise the quality. if you don’t know how to design your logo or package, we can also help you.

In European and American markets, our coffee cup is very popular,350ml,400ml and 450ml is the most popular ,we have business with large company, but we also serve for many small brand owners to grow up their brand, helping them become bigger, if you sell the bamboo to go cup on your own website, then contact aveco.

1)Amazon sellers

If you do listings of eco bamboo cup on amazon, then contact aveco.

We have been successfully help amazon clients to produce, ship and grow the business.

We can provide

1.high resolution photo with white background.

2.Free barcode sticker and shipping labels.

3.shipping FBA DDP to amazon warehouse.

If you are looking for such supplier, contact us!


Supermarket and chain market require a lot for this bamboo eco cup,

In super markets, there is a variety of goods for us to choose, and the quality is very good. In many supermarket chains, we can see many different brands from different countries and regions. At present, we can see “made in China” all over the world, the quality of goods made in China has been recognized by people all over the world.

Usually the cups we see in the supermarket are plastic, but with the promotion of environmental protection concept, more and more people choose to buy bamboo fiber cup.

Aveco think that the secret of any successful enterprise to go further is to have its own unique style or attractive things. some new designs often can catch people’s eyes and make people curious.

3)Promotional Gifts

Shopping malls and stores will have promotions occasions during Christmas or other major holidays. This happens quite often. However, what kind of promotional gifts to choose is very important. So if your importer or agent for big promotional occasions Aveco customized bamboo coffee cup will be a good choice, the cup looks nice and functional, not only because of its shape, but also include design, silicone sleeve and different lid. Something that is both beautiful and practical will make a bigger impression for people who are given the gifts, thus making your brand impressive..

And what’s more it is not that expensive so that it will be easier within your budget and at the same time you can gain good profit.

The successful entrepreneurs are those who are brave enough to try something new. And to think in advance. So if you have the idea, we can help you to realize and boom your business.

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